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    Steven Salaita, was offered a professorship last year in Native American Studies at the University of Illinois.  He had his job offer cancelled because some contended that his Twitter comments promoted hate, violence, and antisemitism. Bias depends both on context, and on the history of irrational discrimination....

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    Steven Salaita was offered a professorship last year in Native American Studies at the University of Illinois. He had his job offer cancelled because some contended that his Twitter comments promoted hate, violence, and antisemitism. He has retained counsel and is planning legal action. At...

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  • 10/29/14--04:00: Don’t call me a Jew
  • What if you found out that there was an agreement between your employer, your bank, your cable and phone companies, to apply hidden user fees to every paycheck and every time you bought anything?  One day you find out and realize the wealth that has been...

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    It happens all the time. A phrase of ours is taken out of context, the original meaning is lost, and it sounds terrible. The words are used as evidence against our character and our point of view. Sometimes the efforts against us are successful, and...

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  • 11/10/14--01:31: Israel is not a Jewish State
  • What does it mean for a person to be Jewish? What is special about the State of Israel?  Does it make sense to call the state, Jewish? I don’t think so. There is a Jewish people. We are 14 million in our extended family who are...

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  • 11/02/15--16:01: Beyond White Libertarianism
  • I am an American, but I am not a Democrat  or a Republican.  I am a Libertarian, a member of the largest national third party in the US.  We are believers in liberty, individual freedom, and limited government.  We support marriage equality for same-sex couples,...

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    In the United States, we keep seeing more expensive political campaigns, more corporate welfare, more military interventions, more income inequality, and more debt.  Our government has been a great success . . . at growing more government.  The number one problem for the people of the United States has been...

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    What is the difference between a religion and a cult?  It is not always so easy to say.  Prof. Sam Fleischacker, a professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago-Illinois wrote: “if your definition of ‘cult’ is a group with a charismatic and very odd...

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    I don’t celebrate Christmas. I  consider myself a serious Jew. On Christmas day, it is my tradition to take call in the hospital, so that my Christian colleagues can have that special time with their families. I also participate in the Daf Yomi, a seven...

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    Big money has corrupted politics. The Democratic and Republican parties will each spend billions of dollars on the presidential campaign. Our two-party system is failing. The government of the United States no longer represents the people of the United States. Now is the time to...